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Success In Photography

In my opinion success in photography can be gauged in basically two ways.  (1) self satisfaction where the results are satisfying to the creator of the image and
 (2) Commercial success where the resultant imaged are marketable and marketed.
So how does one achieve this satisfaction of having captured and edited, what to the photographer, is a great image?
What do You See? It is possible to look but not see. One well planned, well executed, photo is worth more than a thousand sloppy, ill thought out, snapshots. You can be creative. Creativity is not a talent. Creativity it is a process. First there are two mind sets, open and closed. The imagery functions of the brain are governed by the open mindset. To achieve this mindset one must relax and allow the thoughts to wander. Directed for sure. But wandering nevertheless. In this way images are allowed to enter, advance, and be recognized. To understand creativity one must understand the function of the brain. The brain is host to multit…