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Success In Photography

In my opinion success in photography can be gauged in basically two ways.  (1) self satisfaction where the results are satisfying to the creator of the image and
 (2) Commercial success where the resultant imaged are marketable and marketed.
So how does one achieve this satisfaction of having captured and edited, what to the photographer, is a great image?
What do You See? It is possible to look but not see. One well planned, well executed, photo is worth more than a thousand sloppy, ill thought out, snapshots. You can be creative. Creativity is not a talent. Creativity it is a process. First there are two mind sets, open and closed. The imagery functions of the brain are governed by the open mindset. To achieve this mindset one must relax and allow the thoughts to wander. Directed for sure. But wandering nevertheless. In this way images are allowed to enter, advance, and be recognized. To understand creativity one must understand the function of the brain. The brain is host to multit…

Medium format is the film for me

I captured the above image at the Agua Fria river in central Arizona. I used my Mamiya RB67-65mm lens-fujichrome 100-f11 @1/30. After   processing by The Darkroom in San Clemente California I nudged it slightly with levels in PS7.
     This was an experimental shoot with Color transparency 100, a slower speed than I usually use. I am impressed with the results. By the way I did use a circular polarizer.
     There is a feeling with medium format film that cannot be acquired by any other genre'. At least in my opinion this is true. In order to max out the potential of the med-format it is necessary to carefully plan and execute each and every exposure.

On  recent trip to the Agua Fria river I came upon t his scene which screamed "capture me!!" So I set up my camera, Mamiya RB67, and went to work. This photo is captured  asa 100 fujichrome f11@1/60
   As to the composition, the river is flowing away from me. With the fallen tree across the river the line of sight is direc…

Why I use 120 color transparency

Why I Use 120 Color Transparency
Since I have decided to return to film photography after a 6 year hiatus I have decided to put down in print my reasoning. There was a time when I came to the realization that film was becoming more expensive than I could afford. Do I switched to digital beginning with a Canon 20d. I was swept up  in the illusion that the instant gratification of digits would satisfy my creative needs. What I did not realize was that the cost of keeping up with the rapidly advancing technology would itself become cost prohibitive.
       After bout 4 years of use and learning photoshop editing I graduated to a T5i which also allowed me to capture video. This was all great except that I found that the digital cameras were not anywhere as stable as my film cameras and, no matter what, the end result was not the same in quality.  I was     caught up in the clickity clickity shoot a thousand images mindset.
       One day I woke up realizing that I was getting older and th…