Medium format is the film for me

I captured the above image at the Agua Fria river in central Arizona. I used my Mamiya RB67-65mm lens-fujichrome 100-f11 @1/30. After   processing by The Darkroom in San Clemente California I nudged it slightly with levels in PS7.
     This was an experimental shoot with Color transparency 100, a slower speed than I usually use. I am impressed with the results. By the way I did use a circular polarizer.
     There is a feeling with medium format film that cannot be acquired by any other genre'. At least in my opinion this is true. In order to max out the potential of the med-format it is necessary to carefully plan and execute each and every exposure.

On  recent trip to the Agua Fria river I came upon t his scene which screamed "capture me!!" So I set up my camera, Mamiya RB67, and went to work. This photo is captured  asa 100 fujichrome f11@1/60
   As to the composition, the river is flowing away from me. With the fallen tree across the river the line of sight is directed from the vanishing point of the river toward the lower left corner. The tree,the river and the banks create a triangle which is one of the visual forms that I use in composing an image.


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